Gentrification in GR? Meeting January 12.

Photo by George Wietor, used with permission.

The vandalism that took place on Christmas morning to some new businesses in the Wealthy corridor has made for some interesting discussions.

These discussions will continue at Wealthy Theatre Wednesday January 12 as part of Rapid Growth’s ongoing “Not Your Average Speaker Series.

Two great chats:

The Rapidian article
“Myth #4: Gentrification is a real thing, Uptown is being invaded”

GRIID article

“Although the business owners’ feelings about vandalism to their property is understandable, it should be noted that the story is evolving to frame the event as a kind of high school prank instead of considering it as a possible response to the gentrification of the neighborhoods in question.”

See also:

GRTV – Mayor Heartwell
This is an archived “video short” of a call-in question about gentrification from Mayor Heartwell’s monthly GRTV broadcast.