New School Announced in Wealthy Street Corridor

From the Heritage Hill Association:

Vandenberg School

What’s warming Heritage Hill these days is the great news that the Vandenberg School is on track to be a new school. The Child Discovery Center has purchased the building and will open its doors to K-5th graders in the fall of 2011. We have long promoted this site as a school but had almost lost hope when UPrep left. This purchase adds a walkable school alternative for neighbors with children and also brings a playground and green space for the community.

More Schools:
Our other very walkable education opportunities are housed at the Central High Campus. Centered here are the Montessori PreK-12 and the Central High’s Small School of Health, Science and Technology. Information on both of these programs is at Also at the Central Campus is the University Preparatory Academy, an alternative middle school (6-9th ). Uprep will be adding a grade each year so that it will a middle and high school within 3 years.

There are many other choices at Grand Rapids Public Schools including the Martin Luther King Academy that is close to Heritage Hill. The complete list can be found at the website cited above. Also research the Grand Rapids Christian, Catholic, and other charter schools.