Pete Bruinsma – Celebrating 15 Years as a Michigan Realtor


15 years ago today, my first Realtor license arrived to the Westdale company. Facebook had launched the day previous. The front desk was asking me if I knew about these things called “blogs?” and Canadian underground darlings Arcade Fire were about to release their dangerous debut album, Funeral.

Its been a wonderful trip, through ups and downs in the economy and housing market, every day I’ve thoroughly enjoyed selling houses to and for an amazing group of people that have given new meaning to my life. I’m lucky and thankful to have been considered worthy to hire as an independent contractor for so long, and I owe my thanks to each of you. Whether im selling $15,000 homes or $500,000 homes, I’m enthusiastic to work with great people of all types, shapes, sizes, personalities and finances. Its so fulfilling to see people succeed after years of time invested. If you have time for me, I will always make time for you, its what I love to do.

Thank you to my own Canadian darling Liz for being such a supportive partner in every way. My thanks also to everyone in the industry who have been considerate enough not to nail me to a wall when I’ve messed up, and those to whom I’ve asked a dumb question and received a genuine response. Here’s to the collaborators.