Art Prize 2013: A Moment in the Sun for Grand Rapids

Some 400,000 people will pay a visit to downtown Grand Rapids over the next month. It’s hard to avoid Art Prize Fever, especially with the “Ninkasi, Goddess of Beer” installation (by Kolenda) at the new Founders Tap Room! I don’t have any more 2013 spoilers for you, but here are some links to a few national and local ArtPrize articles, as well as a few of my favorite photos from 2012.

“Ninkasi, Goddess of Beer”
at Founders Brewing, 2013

Art Prize Articles

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BBC: Oil Painting Wins $250,000 Prize

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Washington Post: Travel

Markdahle: Tips for Visiting ArtPrize


Here are some photos I took in 2012

camera picture