National Home Prices Back to 2003 Levels

According to this article from CNN Money, the housing market has recovered to the point of around 2003, which is actually not too bad considering 2006 is widely-accepted as the peak of the real estate market. We wont be seeing 5-7% annual increases any time soon like we were predicting back then, but many economists are predicting a small 1-2% increase from this year to next.

Full article here.

Donate to help build Pleasant Park in Heritage Hill

Pleasant Park Donation Page

The City will be applying for a DNR Trust Fund grant in March, 2011. That grant requires a 25% local match. Before we turn to our local foundations for help with the match, we want to show the great local support from the people who will be using this green space. We need you to be part of the park by investing in your park.