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Household Net Worth of Homeowners vs Renters

I sat in on a two hour talk with Lawrence Yun the other week, and it was great. One of the things he brought up that really stuck is how directly home ownership can affect a family or individual’s net worth. Here’s an illustration of the results of the government survey he quoted:


In the short term, it may or may not be considerably easier to lease. But, investment in a home can absolutely help out in the long term, as a homeowner pays down the balance and achieves more and more equity. This is one major reason why the federal government offers so many incentives for first time buyers:

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Thanks to you, in 2012, I was able to help 28 clients purchase or sell, in price ranges from $30,000 to $230,000, in countless locations. 19 of those clients were referred to me by past real estate clients of mine. I sold 8 out of 9 of my listings at an average of 97.7% of list price and less than 30 days on the market.

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Time magazine names ArtPrize one of its five favorite festivals worldwide for 2013


TIME magazine says ArtPrize is a place to party. Time’s travel section today named ArtPrize on its worldwide list of “Five Festive Events You Won’t Want to Miss in 2013.” ArtPrize 2013, which returns in September, is listed alongside an event in Indonesia, one in New Zealand and two in Europe.


National Home Prices Back to 2003 Levels

According to this article from CNN Money, the housing market has recovered to the point of around 2003, which is actually not too bad considering 2006 is widely-accepted as the peak of the real estate market. We wont be seeing 5-7% annual increases any time soon like we were predicting back then, but many economists are predicting a small 1-2% increase from this year to next.

Full article here.

Fox 17 Adopts My Real Estate Sign as Stock Footage